Please tell us more specific data (if you show us a picture of your situation will be better), this red wire is come out from the wall at AC 220V/110V? I can't remember how the old fixture - Answered by a verified Electrician Converting speaker wire to RCA plug connectors can serve two purposes. ... is typically red, ... you can quickly test the speaker wire connection by using a basic AA or AAA battery. The wire coming from the junction box (white) is three wires together, the red one is a single wire. 2010-02-23 What Is the Red Wire for in an Electrical Outlet? How to Connect Speakers With Speaker Wire. 3. How do I wire a ceiling fan? This allows the wires to connect to other networks. So, you can When connecting a battery with red and black wires, the black wire is typically the negative one, according to Pep Boys. Homeip where the red wire goes in a light fixture class "" url? We have been installing T5 fixtures as replacements for T12 and MH fixtures. Did I connect it right? white and red wire? We can be fairly certain that the white is neutral. How to Wire a 3 Way Switch. How do I connect ceiling fan to wires in ceiling? How can I tell which wire is black or white? I can make a makeshift battery for ... One wire is black and one is red. How to Install a Ceiling Fan With Black, White, Red & Green Wires. Red wire or the black wire? From what I can Can red and black wire connect together? ... and white. ... How do you connect a 3 wire wall oven with red white and black wires to a 2 wire white and black 240V circuit? Urgent. Read on to learn the difference and avoid having to rewire. On electrical wires, what do the colors red, ... a black wire can be connected to a red wire. RED electrical wire in ceiling junction ... two wires from the lamps socket can be touched, one to the white ... pull cords you see on fans. ... One wire is black and one is red. The power wiring is BLACK WHITE and a Gray or a Gray/Red wire. ... You can usually use an electrical tester to be sure. If you don't have a light kit installed then no need to connect the red but no harm done. ... you can try the black-red. Q webcache. If you need to know where to connect the red wire to a light switch, the answer is it depends. What Wires Go to What When Hooking Up a Light Fixture? I am trying to connect the bedroom speakers four wires green ,white, red and black to a 2.0 receiver in the living room. pull cords you see on fans. How to wire a 3 way light switch (with pictures) wikihow. ... You will need to have the wall switch turned on to operate the unit if you use the red wire. The red wire is sometimes used for 3-way and 4-way switch arrangements too. The installation instructions tell you which of these to connect with the red wire. On electrical wires, what do the colors red, ... a black wire can be connected to a red wire. What do I connect the red wire to if my new light fixture does not have a red wire? The electrical box I'm connecting to has a black wire, a white wire and a red ... we can make a better guess. In this Instructable I will teach you four ways to connect a wire without soldering. Is it wrong to connect the red ceiling wire to the blue wire on my receiver for the remote and the blue wire from the fan? Red wire should be for the light kit. The light fixture is supposed to have a black wire and a white wire for ... typically black or red. Red wire or the black wire? Would I connect the black wire to the positive and red to the negative or the other way around? ... -Red wire-White wire ... red, yellow and white.